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Schools and Higher Education

The Career Track includes the Miller Self and Career Development Model with an up-to-date Career Interest Inventory, Personality Profile, Skills Inventory and a Values Inventory that provides a harmony indicator to each individual. These programs also provide an actual cultural assessment for your organization.

The online inventories and profiles help professionals, parents and students map out their individual career paths and roles in a global society. Guidance counselors are using these tools to allow students to determine how education becomes a means to a successful and fulfilling future in their personal and professional life.


The Interests Inventory explores 25 career based fields that comprise the majority of jobs in tomorrow's workplace.


The Personality Profile gives students a snapshot into their unique style of temperaments that make up who they are and how they are different from others.


The Skills Inventory directs students into the actual applications of pre and post-secondary education to their individual career pursuits.


The Values Inventory helps students formulate goals and objectives to how they individually prioritize their time both personally and professionally.


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