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Delivering the Exceptional Guest Experience

We cannot affect location, but we do have full control over ensuring an exceptional guest experience and maximizing profitability. Each lodging has unique personnel that make up their operational team. Guests remember the rooms and facilities, but your service has a huge impact on their overall experience. The quality of your team is essential for your success and this proven customer service program will guarantee your employees understand and deliver their best performance ever..

  • The Scoring Drive segment is a training camp for effective customer service using football to score points with your customers, operate as a team, and develop loyalty.

  • This course teaches your workforce the 12 essential soft skills for being professional. The desire for professionalism is the number one request by organizations in all industries.

  • Our segment on understanding your emotional intelligence gives your people the necessary skills for self-management, maintaining professional relationships and simplifying conflict resolution.

  • Understanding personalities allows your personnel to know their own character traits and behaviors combined with an understanding of their colleagues, producing a greater appreciation for individual qualities.

  • Every employee learns one of the most powerful skills they can possess for their personal and professional life, remembering names and faces. This proven technique increases customer loyalty and increases overall employee/customer engagement.

  • Incoming Call Etiquette is the segment of the program that covers 10 key steps of incoming call etiquette with a high level of professionalism.

  • Unfortunately, a percentage of incoming calls require us to deal with an Angry, Rude or Abusive Caller. This program delivers a proactive approach to defusing such a caller.



Exceptional Customer Service - Using the Scoring Drive

The Scoring Drive is a training camp for exceptional customer service that uses football as a backdrop. Participants learn the motto: “Customer service is a contact sport.” This produces customer loyalty through a service centered culture. All participants learn how to function as team players in the satisfaction of customer needs.


Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Your Emotional Intelligence (referred to as EI or EQ) is the ability to be aware, understand and manage your emotions in personal and professional life.


Conflict Management for Personal and Professional Relationships

Conflict management is your ability to positively move forward in your personal or professional life when disagreeing with another individual or a group. Five styles will be presented for levels of cooperative and assertive behaviors.


Remembering Names and Faces

By the end of this course, you will be able to remember names and faces of people you are meeting for the first time. This is one of the most powerful skills you can do for your personal and professional life.


Professionalism - 12 Essential Soft Skills

While the job description describes the duties and required skills, the personal attributes that are the foundation of the truly conscientious worker, comprise professionalism.


Understanding Your Personality Profile and Your Co-workers

Everyone has their own personality made up of unique characteristic patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviors. Knowing our personality and the personalities of those around us, helps us understand who we are and appreciate others for their unique traits.


Incoming Call Etiquette

Incoming Call Etiquette covers 10 key steps for professionally delivering this skill set every day on every call.


Handling an Angry, Rude or Abusive Caller

This program gives step by step techniques for handling situations involving angry, rude or abusive callers.



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