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My training budget has been cut, so I can’t afford anything new.

We can work with any size training budget. You’d be amazed at how affordable our quality digital corporate training products are for all companies.

I cannot bring all of my employees to one place to learn updated technical materials, let alone teach new employees from scratch.

We eliminate all travel costs saving you a fortune, produce personalized and brand specific versions of digital courses, and deliver them 24/7 to all of your employees, not just middle and upper management.

How do I create interactive, engaging content?

We all know that turning books into PDF’s or CDs can be as boring as the book itself. The idea of converting content into engaging and interactive courses requires a deeper understanding of the learning process. Our combined experience in digital education AND corporate training makes us the number one Digital Corporate Training resource in America.

How do I even know if my employees are taking the course and more importantly, are they getting it?

At Digital Corporate Training we believe in individual learning styles and guaranteed learner outcomes. Our system and courses are built around learning metrics that we have applied in the K-20 education blended learning classrooms. The system provides the necessary real-time feedback to ensure successful transfer of skills and knowledge.

There is so much “canned content” on the market, how do I get content customized to my organization?

Digital Corporate Training owns or has licensing authority to modify or personalize every course offered to your company. This means we can change any text, video, graphics or assessments to ensure that your brand and values are embedded within each digital delivery.

What else do I get?

The Digital Corporate Training platform provides a simple, but secure, delivery system and the ability to define courses with a career track in mind.

This document was last updated on October 08, 2014


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