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Call Center Training Program

Incoming Call Etiquette

Incoming Call Etiquette covers 10 key steps for professionally delivering this skill set every day on every call.


Handling an Angry, Rude or Abusive Caller

This program gives step by step techniques for handling situations involving angry, rude or abusive callers.


Understanding Personality Profiles

Everyone has their own personality made up of unique characteristic patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviors. Knowing our personality and the personalities of those around us, helps us understand who we are and appreciate others for their unique traits.


Professionalism - 12 Essential Soft Skills

While the job description describes the duties and required skills, the personal attributes that are the foundation of the truly conscientious worker, comprise professionalism.


Increasing Performance, Productivity and Profits through Time Management

The participants will be engaged in: The Track Meet featuring 3 powerful methods to approach every performance. And is the new international sensation for delivering time management to organizations. The impact will maximize the organization’s growth and prosperity.


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